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Because when your love life is suffering, it affects everything, your healthy, your work, your ability to think clearly…It’s so important to get the support and some simple tools to avoid the unnecessary suffering and love more openly!

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During this six week course we will systematically de-program limiting cultural conditioning. Society has a default setting for relationships, that we must break through if we are to experience the full expression of our heart. I want to provide a supportive place for you to try new practices which will allow you to fall in love again with yourself and your family of choice.

Beyond Monogamy is for YOU if…

  • You are married or committed and considering opening your sexual expression with each other as well as others
  • You are caught in a loop of arguing, bickering or processing about other lovers and want to experience more love!
  • You are happily living an open lifestyle, but need validation, tools and community to expand into even more fulfillment
  • Maybe you are at a crossroads where you need to open up the relationship, or admit it’s not working
  • You are not polyamorous, but monogamy doesn’t fit and you are curious about what your relationships options are
  • Have ever fallen in love with more than one person and want a roadmap to make it work without heartache

The Curriculum:
Six S’s to Success Beyond Monogamy!

Week 1: Starting

Do you Have What it Takes?
What are the Basic Rules?
How Can I Meet, Date and Flirt Openly?
Where do I Go? What do I Say and Do?
How Will I Handle New Love?

Week 2: Sustaining

Wrestling Jealousy and Other Emotions
Getting Community Support
Logistics of Living Together
Time Management for Multiple Lovers
Family, Legal and financial Concerns

Week 3: Separating

Exit Strategies
Transitions and Break Up Rituals
Temporary Separations
Becoming Monogamous Again
Negotiating an Exit Strategy
Non Consensual Break Ups
Compassion for Your Partners’ Loss

Week 4: Speaking Up

How to Negotiate Agreements Without Settling
Getting Your Needs Met
Coming Out and Talking About It
Arguing and How Not to Say Anything You’ll Regret
Jealousy Pacts and Agreeing to Disagree
Communication Tools and Check-Ins

Week 5: Sexuality

It’s Not All About Sex & It is All About Sex
Ethics and Safer Sex for Multiple Partners
How to Fulfill your Fantasies?
LGBT Poly and What is Queer?
Swinging, BDSM, Toys and Group Sex
Social Agreements of Different Subcultures
Sacred Sex & Tantra

Week 6: Spirituality

Primary Relationship with Self
Relationship as a Mirror
Poly Relationship with God
The Zen of Open Relationship(s)
Unconditional Love and True Freedom
Rituals for Open Relationship

What Beyond Monogamy Includes…

  • Attend Six 55-minute LIVE Calls to help you go Beyond Monogamy and liberate your Love.
  • One Self Assessment to discover how your love life works (and where you need to work.)
  • Six Weekly Homeplay Assignments that will help you integrate the learning and get results
  • Lifetime Access to Recording Library, so that you can be flexible and still never miss out
  • A Private “Members Only” Area for you to access all the tools and recording of the course


“Kamala Devi is a shining star among the new generation of polyamory teachers and role models. I highly recommend her courageous and straight forward approach to loving more.”
~Deborah Taj Anapol Author of Polyamory in the 21st Century (2010), The Seven Natural Laws of Love (2005), and Love without Limits (1992) Relationship Coach, Speaker, Seminar Leader http://www.LoveWithoutLimits.com

What you’ll get from this course…
  • The self confidence that comes from knowing your erotic nature
  • A toolbox filled with tips, techniques, and rituals you can practice in life and the bedroom
  • You will un-learn and de-program cultural conditioning that no longer fits you
  • Communication tools to help meet your needs and express your fantasies
  • Clarity about partner selection so you’ll attract the right kind of people
  • A community of like-minded friends and lovers who are on a similar path
“Kamala is a genius, great teacher and wonderful lover. I recommend her to anyone who wants to explore the philosophies of more love and polyamory.  She is wise, experienced and intuitive.  She teaches with compassion, humor and lots of hands on wisdom.”
~Charles Muir, Director Source School Of Tantra, Inc. http://www.SourceTantra.com
Here’s the Scoop:

- Six 55-minute LIVE calls with Kamala Devi
- One insightful Self Assessment
- Six weekly homeplay assignments
- Access to call recordings
- Access to private members only area
- Bonus: The Polyamory Roadmap
- Bonus: One group Q&A coaching call
- Bonus: Ten Tips to enhance your love live video series

You can call in from Anywhere to attend!

Mark your calendar for: Nov. 8th, Nov. 15th, Nov. 22nd Nov. 29th, Dec. 6ht,  Dec. 13th,  And a 30 minute bonus Q & A Call on Dec 28th! Dial in details will be sent to you upon registration. If you have questions or want assistance registering write Kalidas@KamalaDevi.com or call: 619-871-282

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Bonus #1:

Free Download of the “Polyamory Roadmap: Sacred Path of Poly” By Kamala Devi



Bonus #2:

One 30-minute Group Q & A mentoring session to help you integrate the course


Bonus #3:

Top Ten Tips to Enhance your Love Life: A brief 3 part video series with Kamala Devi and lovers: Michael McClure, Tahl Gruer, and Jen Gold.


“Six weeks of doing anything with Kamala Devi is worth 10 times whatever she’s charging! I love Kamala Devi’s stuff so much that I’ll put my personal time behind it. If you’re not completely satisfied after her course, ask for her 100 % money back guarantee and I’ll spend a half hour on the phone with you! I’m not joking! Do yourself a favor and enroll in Beyond Monogamy!”
~Reid Mihalko, Sex and Relationship Expert http://www.ReidAboutSex.com


When you inquire what’s beyond monogamy, rather than just going through life loving how you’ve been conditioned to love, you’re heart will awaken and OLD paradigms of Love will melt away.

Whether or not you decide to be sexual with more than one person, this breakthrough will potentially affect every area of your life. You will have access to new levels of love that were previously frozen, and this will naturally enhance all your relationships with family, friends, co-workers and especially strangers.

Your life WILL change… you’ve been warned!

“I celebrate Kamala Devi’s courage and applaud her advocacy for the Polyamory movement. We are proud to have her as the keynote speaker for Poly Living Conference in 2013.”
~Robyn Trask, Executive Director and Editor of Loving More Non-Profit http://www.LoveMore.com


With Infinite & Unconditional Love,
Kamala Devi
Sex and Relationship Coach
Make Love to Life!


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“If there’s anyone I would recommend for guidance in this arena, it would be Kamala Devi! I’ve traveled around the world and been exposed to a lot of polyamorous circles and have not met anyone with more integrity. Kamala Devi has a wide expansive, capacity for what’s available and the ability to see what’s possible.”
~Triambika Vengoechea http://www.EcstaticAwareness.com

My 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If after attending all the classes, you don’t feel like you gained tremendous value, I’m happy to give you a full refund. I am confident that this course will change your life!